A taxi service for Amsterdam that allows users to share rides with strangers

Abel is ride-sharing taxi service, with electric cars, that allows customers to book rides via the Abel app that takes them from door to door. Travel with the comfort and speed of a regular taxi service whilst paying an amount that lies between that of a taxi and public transport.

You decide your pickup point and if you want to share your ride with other passengers. Abel has a felxibility feature which allows its users to decide whether they’re in a hurry or not. The more flexible the user is, the cheaper the fare.

How does it work?

1. Fill in your pickup location to book an Abel.

Abel knows exactly where you are, how convenient! Tell us your location and how many passengers will be sharing the ride.

2. Fill in how fast you want to be at your destination.

Let the driver know how flexible you are with your time. Not in a hurry? Abel will be able to combine your ride with other passengers, thus lowering the price of your fare./span>

3. Follow the driver on the map to see when he will arrive.

When a driver has been connected to your trip, you’ll receive the driver’s contact information. You’ll be able to follow his location and be given an ETA.

4. Sharing your ride is not only cheaper, it’s a lot more fun!

During your ride, the Abel driver has the option to pick up extra passengers or drop them off. This doesn’t affect your price, as the price is determined when you book an Abel. So regardless of extra passengers traveling with you and the driver making extra drop offs, your price will be the same.

Audience & Positioning

Fun, social and cheap!

Unlike other taxi-services, Abel gives you the opportunity to share your ride. This doesn’t only lower your fare, but you might end up meeting new friends as well!

Abel takes a different approach to standard taxi-services, focussing mainly on “Urban Millenials” who live in the city, between the ages of 25 and 35.

A target group who get around by bike mainly but feel like public transport isn’t as dependable anymore. This doesn’t position Abel as an alternative for more expensive services like Uber, but rather an alternative to cycling. The fare is cheap enough for you to consider leaving the bike at home!


“Amsterdan taxi service Able competes with bicycles”